Your home, your phone… everything is smart these days except healthcare. Long ago the doctor came to your home, now you have to go to the family doctor or to the hospital to find out what is wrong. Today, this is by no means always necessary. This is the new world of Smart Health. Diagnose at home with our smart products with the option to send the collected information directly to the designated healthcare facility (family doctor, pharmacy, etc.).

Make your life easier and healthier with Linktop smart telehealth products. Precise sensors and advanced algorithms deliver accurate measurement results quickly. Linktop’s medical devices collect data that you can share with your doctor or family members.

For organizations with their own telemedicine platforms, we provide the
SDK for integration.

Health Monitor

The Linktop 6-in-1 is a health monitor for monitoring health and vitality. With 6 key measurements, it is an ideal optimal solution for remote patient monitoring and telehealth.


Digital Otoscope

The home doctor for ear examinations and protection. The Linktop digital otoscope is a telemedicine device for examining ears with HD camera, cold and shadowless LED lighting and smart visual applications.

Digital Stethoscope

Perform a professional heart and lung exam from the comfort of your home. The Linktop digital stethoscope is a portable and smart stethoscope for performing examinations and sharing (historical) data via your smartphone.

About us

Nexvoo Europe B.V. is an authorized importer/distributor of Linktop® products. Nexvoo Europe B.V. handles distribution and sales in the Europe under the name Nexvoo Europe B.V. and provides support to sales and service points (cooperating dealers).